7950 Warren Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

7950 Warren Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

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     It is our sincere desire to serve our church, community, and world as ambassadors for the Lord Jesus Christ.  We'd love to have you visit us sometime; I believe you will find our services to be uplifting and Christ-honoring.  See you soon!    

    Pastor Todd Weber and his wife Jaclynn 

    Welcome visitors! Join us at 11:00 AM every Sunday.

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    our history


    Briarwood Baptist Church was started in 1973 by Pastor Larry Mattis and his wife June. The first meeting place was in a hall in Ann Arbor until it moved to its present location on Warren road in 1979. Initially the plans were for the church to gather in a rented space at the Briarwood Mall, hence the name "Briarwood Baptist." However, the mall location was never realized, but the name remained. The pastor began with only a few but gradually a small group began to form as Pastor Larry searched the area for people who would attend and participate. 


    A land purchase was made a few years later for construction of a church building. In the summer of 1979, after much hard work, the newly constructed building was opened to a full house of guests and neighbors. Pastor Larry had a background in home building and constructed the church himself with the aid of some of his congregation. 


    The church membership slowly grew over the years and established a children's ministry and missions program. One of the church members went to Bible College and eventually went to Africa as a missionary. The church had a Youth Center erected in the mid 1990s and it has been used for the AWANA program and other ministries since that time. Each summer there has been a Vacation Bible School.


    Over the years, Briarwood has been a strong supporter of foreign missions with missionaries in different parts of the world. One missionary, who went to Africa in 1984, served there until 2012 when he was asked to return and take over the pastorate of the church, as Pastor Larry was 88 years old with failing health. Eight months after the missionary's return, Pastor Mattis passed away, after serving 60 years in the ministry. 


    Pictured Below: Pastor Larry Mattis (April 24, 1924-April 13, 2013)